1.   Completed Chain of Custody form data
a.   Sample identification, location, date and time of collection, collector’s name, sample type, and any special remarks concerning the sample.
b.   Aqua WSC Laboratory samples must also have the Colorimeter Serial Number completed on Chain of Custody form.

2.   Proper Sample Labeling
a.   Written identification must be on the sample container in waterproof ink.
b.   Sample identification unique number will be put on each container upon receipt at Aqua WSC Laboratory.

3.   Use of appropriate sample containers
a.   Supplied by Aqua WSC Laboratory

4.   Adherence to specified holding times
a.   Samples must be in at the laboratory within 30 hours of collection time, allowing enough time for laboratory prep time.

5.   Adequate sample volume
a.   Each sample must have greater than 100 ml of sample per bottle. A sample is on display at Aqua WSC Laboratory receiving counter.

6.   Quality of sample
a.   Samples that show signs of damage or contamination, incorrect volume, chlorine residual to high, leaking, etc. will be rejected.
b.   If sample is rejected, we will keep record of either chain of custody or written documentation for our file.

7.   Chlorine
a.   Samples must have chlorine residual of less than 5.0.